Why Many Students Fail to Identify the Right Career Path in High School

When students enter High School, they often take the usual Math, English and Science courses. Very few students get the opportunity to explore courses that give them a taste of the career paths they later pursue after their post secondary education. We are finding that the vast majority of students end up applying to university programs that have little correlation to most of the courses that they take in high school. You are probably wondering how students decide which programs to apply to. Students often have a certain perception of a program or the career opportunities it offers but in reality the career opportunities are likely very different from what the students perceive. The reality is that programs and jobs are very good at marketing themselves in order to attract both the highest volume and highest quality of applicants. However, by presenting themselves in such manner, they appeal to many people who may otherwise not be a good fit for those programs. As such, doing in-depth research is really critical in high school to ensure that the next 4 years of your student life are spent in a university and program that is a good fit for you and provides the right career opportunities for you afterwards.

The university dropout rates after for first year students in Canada is 15%. We are noticing that a lot of students are making uninformed decisions of the programs they wish to attend in university while they are still in high school and are therefore struggling to find the motivation to study. Parents are sometimes naïve and do not spend adequate time helping their children identify career paths that will align with their interests.

Students are choosing to pursue career paths where the job opportunities are slim. In fact only 27% of university graduates are able to find a job related to their major. This means that 73% of people end up pursuing jobs / careers that have nothing to do with their fields of study. This is becoming a bigger problem as more students are entering university and the number of jobs is not keeping pace with the number of students entering university. One of the unique ways Prepsmart is able to differentiate our service offerings from competitors is our mentorship platform that helps students learn about the various university programs available and the career paths open to graduates by pairing our students with graduates of those programs. There is no better way to learn about something than to learn from someone who experienced it first hand.

At Prepsmart Tutoring, we have a mentorship program for those interested in which we pair our students with current university students and graduates from the programs that interest them so that they can gain insights into those programs applying to them. We believe that through such firsthand discussions and shadowing opportunities, students will really gain insightful insights that will help them make very informed decisions.

At Prepsmart Tutoring, we really believe in the value of mentorship. Beyond being great tutors and subject matter experts, we believe in serving as role models and advisors. To that end, we take steps both during our tutoring sessions and outside of the lessons to provide our students with the best possible advice and insights that will help them put their classroom teaching into practical use that will serve them for life. We have helped our students with improving their study habits, learning to become more independent and organized, course selection, university and program selection, crafting strong applications, amongst other tasks.

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