Private Special Needs Tutoring Services

Special Needs Tutoring

Prepsmart believes everyone student deserves a personalized that is customized and provides them with special needs tutoring in a manner that makes sense to them. We work with children of all ages and develop study programs that allow them to build the confidence and knowledge they need to surpass their goals.

A special needs tutor can help your child learn the content taught in their classroom in a way that more sense to them.

Our Special Needs Tutoring Programs

ADHD, ADHD, MID, Dyslexia, Autism and Down Syndrome are all common conditions that students face, and they may therefore need an extra level of care and attention. As parents it is your responsibility to ensure that they are being provided with adequate care and resources to teach their full potential. It is important to realize that these conditions can all be overcome with adequate resources and exposure to the appropriate conditions.

Our instructors will understand your child well and will ensure that they teach your child in an effective manner so that they are able to achieve the academic results they want.  Our program does not stop at academics, and is designed to make the children more confident, less anxious and improve their self esteem. Empathy and patience are a big part of what we do and how we work with our students.

We know that students and parents can get discouraged after putting in hundreds of hours of hard work and not seeing the results they desire. We understand our clients and are therefore able to develop study techniques that we know will work for each student based on how the students study habits.

Special Needs Tutoring

Our special needs tutoring programs are developed based on the study habits of each students. We conduct a brief assessment to understand the students learning styles so that we can develop an effective study plan. Students requiring extra care and attention are often lacking confidence and self esteem and we have developed our own programs designed to build these skills in our students.

We spend hundreds of hours researching the latest innovations and study techniques to ensure that our students get the information in their courses conveyed to them in the most efficient and effective manner.

Qualified Special Needs Tutors

We  believe in the techniques of positive reinforcement and gamification to make the classes more enjoyable and the learning methods more efficient. We want to keep our students motivated and leave a positive impression in their minds in order to keep them motivated to study and learn new concepts.

Prepsmart is known for our high caliber pool of tutors who are all trained through our rigorous and comprehensive training programs and provided with learning resources which they can share with students. We are passionate about changing the lives of our students and put considerable focus on pairing our students with mentors who can unleash their full potential and help the students get on the right path to success. All our educators are passionate about making a lasting impact on the lives of their students.

Customized Special Education Tutoring Programs

Our tutors will work with our academic team to develop a customized special education tutoring program that is designed to help your child achieve their goals, whatever those goals may be. We have a broad range of professionals that work with a number of children, and when we assess your child we will be able to identify which of our facilitators is the perfect match.