1801, 2023

Jobs and Internships for Students

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Hello Students, In this blog, we would like to discuss with you the topic of building real world experience through work experience. Internship opportunities are a great opportunity for students to obtain exposure and experience in their desired fields. For high school students, work experience is a great opportunity to [...]

3112, 2022

Ringing In the New Year

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It is a new year and there is much on the horizon for 2023! Students will hopefully be ready to get into the second half of the school year feeling refreshed, with their new years goals ahead of them. For high school students, the start of 2023 means exam season. [...]

2812, 2022

2022: Year In Review At Prepsmart

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2022 was a year of growth for us and our students. We are proud to have stood by our students each step of the journey. Here are some of the highlights for this past year:  Once again, we had the opportunity to work with students in Grades K-12 across all [...]

912, 2022

Making the Most of the Holiday Season

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The holidays are right around the corner. It has been a very busy time for students this past fall. The holidays are truly a much-needed and rewarding time for students to reward themselves for their hard work and to soak in a much-needed break. For this holiday season, we have [...]

1511, 2022

Grade 12 University Applications

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For Grade 12 students, the Fall and winter time is an important time. Not only are they in their final year in high school, but they also have to make important decisions about which university programs they will be attending next and what career options they wish to pursue. Below, [...]

1710, 2022

Early Stage Reading & Writing

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There is no doubt that the pandemic has left many students feeling behind. This impact has been most profound for younger students, particularly those in the elementary levels. These students' needs for in-person learning during early formative years of their education is paramount. A common occurrence that we have seen [...]