106, 2020

Minimizing the COVID Impact on Students’ Learning This Summer

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Hello All, We hope you are well and healthy wherever you are. We have had hundreds of parents reach out to us over the past few months expressing concern about the state of their child’s learning. One of the major concerns is that for many schools, for instance those in [...]

3003, 2020

Making the Most of Online Learning

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With the onset of the COVID pandemic, the world of online learning has taken off. For better or for worse, the only means for teachers and students to engage with one another in this environment is through online learning. Although certainly not perfect, this medium allows for continued access to [...]

3006, 2019

What Kind of Summer Camp Should Your Child Attend?

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Why summer camp: Summer camps are an important time for children. The type of summer camp one attends can be an even more important matter. Studies have shown that the type of activities that children take part in over the summer months make a big difference in their brain’s development. [...]

1506, 2019

Does Your Child Need Summer Tutoring?

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With the academic year winding down a lot of parents are wondering what their kids should do in the summer. Parents put their kids through various camps and other extracurricular activities in hopes of keeping their kids preoccupied in the summer but often overlook the importance of keeping their children [...]