About Us


Prepsmart is a high quality, Canada-wide private tutoring company that serves students in Grades 1-12 across subjects, such as Math, Science, English and French. We also provide test preparation services at the undergraduate level (SATs & ACTs)


We believe in the value that education brings to transforming a person’s life and enabling them to achieve success in life. Our goal is to be more than tutors to students; we want our students to develop core skills that will enable them to be critical thinkers who can effectively study and manage their time — core skills they can take with them to university.


Our Approach: At its core, we get our student results which as a result make them feel more confident, energized, and enthusiastic about school and learning. We have created a robust framework around achieving this. We do this by first doing a deep dive to understand our students, their short and long-term goals, and then we take measured steps to help our students reach those goals.

Initial Assessment

We perform an initial assessment to understand your child’s current standinga

Goal Setting

For each subject, we discuss specific goals, such as grades, that your child aims to achieve

Tailored Plan

We develop a tailored lesson plan for your child based on the assessment and goals


We take a feedback-driven approach, continuously assessing your child’s progress and communicating the results to you


We are focused on obtaining results. Our model is based around helping you achieve the results you have set

Tutor Qualifications: Our tutors are amongst the best and brightest. Having recently graduated from their undergraduate and master’s programs, they can directly relate to and understand our students’ needs given that they were in their shoes not long ago. Our students love our private tutoring program and our approach to learning.

Progress Reports: We believe that parents should always be in-the-know on how their children are progressing after receiving tutoring lessons. Have you ever felt frustrated for not being able to track the progress of tutoring lessons due to lack of information or structure? We have completely solved this program through our custom-built feedback system that sends you bi-weekly feedback reports. We present you with the following information in these reports:

  • Homework Completion

  • Test and Exam Results

  • Understanding of the Material

  • Units Covered

  • Areas of Progress and Development

  • Next Steps

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