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Math Tutoring

All parents would be very thrilled if every child came home from school enthusiastically sharing about how math is so engaging and fun. However, we all know this isn’t always the case and students of all ages struggle with the challenge of math in school. We have the perfect programs for your child whether they are in elementary school, middle school or high school.

Science tutoring

Igniting a student’s interest in science can open a world of opportunities. Science helps us better understand the wonders of our world and get curious. We believe that, if taught right, science is a subject that every student will be passionate about. That is what we aim to do in our program and become so excited every time we can make a student’s eyes light up!

English Tutoring

English is a critical skill. Whether in high school, or university, or in one’s professional career, being able to write and communicate effectively is essential to academic and professional success. Just as importantly, the ability to grasp and synthesize viewpoints is important to growing and thinking independently. Our English program teaches the core skills of grammar, reading and writing, and builds up to focus on essay writing and analysis.

French Tutoring

Knowing a second language can be such an asset in today’s global environment. If you are thinking about whether your son or your daughter should learn a second language, we encourage you to think about the long-term benefits of speaking a second language. French is a beautiful language and our instructors teach in such an enjoyable and interactive manner that makes your child excited about attending class!

Social Studies

Whether it is History, Civics, or Government, we believe in developing well-rounded students by complementing science and math classes with social studies. We have passionate instructors who will bring historical and contemporary issues to life for you. You may, in fact, feel so engaged that you may consider to pursue a Liberal Arts major!


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Our Proven Approach To Academic Success

Tutoring Plus

We have redefined the traditional tutoring experience. In our program, you are not just receiving tutoring services. You become part of a community of experiential leaners that has access to a plethora of resources, from office hours to homework clinics to assessments and detailed progress reports on your child’s progress.

Receive Regular Lesson Reports

Are you frustrated with being unable to track the results of your child’s tutoring lessons or progress? We have completely solved this problem through our custom-built feedback tool designed for parents like you. You receive regular reports detailing your child’s progress in grasping the material, completing homework, and achieving goals.

Now , you can actually monitor and see if you are hitting the goals initially set out.

Sample Testimonials

Fantastic service. Thank you, Prepsmart. My daughter has a new-found love for science and it’s all because of her fabulous tutor. Very thorough online learning platform as well!


Glory Emanouel, Parent

Thank you to Prepsmart tutoring for helping my daughter with her online math classes. Your teachers are great, and we could not happier. She is finally enjoying her math classes.


Marina Kamkin, Parent

Thank you to the wonderful instructors at Prepsmart, the program was great and very helpful for my daughter. Highly recommended to anyone looking for learning help.


Zoya Zareen, Parent

Thank you very much to the Great Teachers at Prepsmart. The classes were really engaging and the instructors were great. Highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a tutor!


Joseph Martin, Student

Prepsmart has been incredible. I have been using the service over the past 1.5 years and all I can say is it’s FANTASTIC. The team was ALWAYS there for me whenever I needed help. Thanks for Prepsmart, I will be attending Western University next year.


Anthony Kvyetko, Student

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